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Clean Partner is a commercial cleaning services company in Brisbane developed precisely to be flexible and consistent. Our reliable cleaners will not disappoint you.

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The best and most important

Each one of the sites that we look after is maintained by constantly ensuring that our processes take place when they are supposed to. Our idea is that by making sure that your office is serviced every single day with responsibility, high-quality service and consistency, you receive outstanding service every single time.
At Clean Partner, we noticed that most cleaner providers focus so much on problem-solving and putting out fires, that real human connection is often lost to busy schedules and poor structure. As a result, we decided to focus solely on being more than your cleaner. We will be true friends and we’ll do more than clean an office. All of our staff truly care for your well-being and will not hesitate to be there for you when you need us.

Environments build relationships

Being an office cleaner is simple and yet it takes a lot of mental fortitude and discipline. At Clean Partner, we understand this, and we build long-lasting relationships with our cleaners very much the same as we do with our clients. Why? Because we understand that cleaners are human beings and as such, whenever they’re not mentally or physically well, your Site’s hygiene receives a blow. Our approach is that by constantly engaging with them and ensuring that they feel that there is a company that truly cares for them, your office will reap the benefits of a clean office and a safe environment.