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Are you looking for a cleaning service for your, office, or professional requirements? We offer a team of qualified professionals that will help you keep your space clean and organized. We are committed to providing the highest quality and results. We offer customizable cleaning plans according to your needs, so you can get the best level of cleanliness that you desire.

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Why choose us?

We compete on understanding your needs, NOT price!.

You probably had bad experiences with a cleaning business in the past. They probably promised you great services, integrity and good value and then they failed to deliver consistently. At Clean Partner, we understand that you want peace of mind and a trusted provider. This is why we have worked very hard to devise a way to make things easier for you. With our No Lock-In contracts and our 100% Satisfaction guarantee, you will understand why our customers trust us so much.

No Lock-In Contracts?

Are you afraid to enter a long-term contract with your cleaner? At Clean Partner, we trust our quality so much that you’ll be free to leave us at any time. All you need to do is give us 30 days’ notice and you’ll be free. In fact, even if things don’t work out, we promise to give you our very best treatment even until our last day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Why pay for a service if you’re not happy with it? Our 100% Satisfaction guarantee means that we’ll get the issue fixed as soon as possible and if you’re still unsatisfied just let us know and you will not be asked to pay for it. Our aim is to ensure that you receive maximum value for trusting us to do a great job every single day!

Will I get the same cleaner every time

Yes, You will get the same cleaner to do your cleaning. That way you will know who is coming into your site each clean and your cleaner will be able to work out a routine to ensure that all your requirements are covered.

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